Cuisine Awards 2011

Cuisine Awards 2011

It’s official! Heilala Vanilla is a superstar standout in the vanillaworld, with the Heilala Vanilla Paste bestowed the overall runner-up award at the coveted Cuisine 2011 Artisan Awards, announced today in New Zealand. What started as an aid project to help the Vava’u community in the Kingdom of Tonga is now a thriving business that exports the most premium grade pure vanilla products from its headquarters in New Zealand to Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and recently the US.

Owners Jennifer and Garth Boggiss were naturally ecstatic about the win. “Our vanilla paste has such versatility and is one of the most popular products in our range. We knew it was pretty fabulous, but it’s a thrill to have such an esteemed panel honour our hard work,” said Jennifer.

The proof has long been in the (vanilla) pudding with some of Australia’s food industry elite having made Heilala Vanilla their vanilla of choice:

“Heilala Vanilla caught my senses straight away - the rich and rounded aroma is “vanilla delirium”- a wonderful hit that’s addictive and soothing at the same time; the flavour profile is testimony to that. We use Heilala Vanilla paste in double fold for our pastry, biscuits and cakes. The vanilla presence is subtle when necessary, or, can be ramped up for a real burst of vanilla genius.” ~ Tony Dench, master baker, Dench Bakers, Melbourne.

“We use it in everything!” The flavour is impressive, but nothing beats the moment we open the tub every morning. We love the smell of it and wish we could spread it on our toast!” ~ Bernard Chu, macaron master and pastry chef, Luxbite, Melbourne “I use it for our bestseller, creams and mousses.

It is all-natural, which is important for me. I can taste all the pods.” ~ Pierrick Boyer, owner, Le Petit Gateau, Melbourne

The Heilala Vanilla Paste [RRP AUD $25.50 for 100ml jar] is made by reintroducing vanilla seeds to Heilala Vanilla Extract and then adding a natural seaweed thickener to produce a paste. Each jar amounts to over twenty pods. It’s great to use to make fragrant spice rubs for barbeque meats or for crème caramels.

Heilala Vanilla

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